Emma O'Reilly

Dramatic Pop Rock

Emma is a versatile, in demand Irish singer, performing in a range of styles including classical, contemporary classical, soul, gospel, pop and musical theatre. 


Backing vocals

Over the years, Emma has....blah blah blah, including wedding bands and, Suzanne Savage, La Gracia, Stu Daly,   Live and in the studio 

Arranging for herself and others. 


Choral/Classical Performances

Although Emma has been involved with many different choral groups and projects in Ireland, most recently she has been performing frequently with Discovery Gospel Choir (as a singer and an MD), Tonnta Music, and the Irish Youth Choir/Irish Youth Chamber Choir. 




Emma has been writing and arranging for the voice years, long before she even attended college. She has written and assisted on arrangements for choirs, strings, and closer vocal harmony groups. Listen to some of her vocal arrangements below. 





Session work

Styles and Languages

Speaks Irish - in Glasgow video, French, 



E: emma@emmaoreilly.ie

T: +353877909966/ +44