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About Emma

Photograph by Laura Sheeran

Photograph by Laura Sheeran

A graduate of music in Trinity College Dublin, Emma is a musical chameleon. Although her main focus is her own solo music (which is in a popular vocal style), Emma performs regularly with Discovery Gospel Choir (Gospel), the Irish Youth Chamber Choir (Classical), Tonnta (Contemporary/Classical) Music Generation Offally-Westmeath (Classical/Popular), and with acts like Loah (Art-soul), Stu Daly (folk) and La Gracia (pop funk). Her approach to performance is very much informed by her love of theatre; She holds a Gold Medal in Speech and Drama from the London College of Music and Media, has studied Shakespeare and Contemporary drama in Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and has
appeared in plays in the Samuel Beckett Theatre
(Accidental Death of an Anarchist), The Smock Alley
Theatre (Yak), The Pearse Street Centre (Kaperlak at
Tiger Dublin Fringe) and many more. 

solo work

As mentioned above, Emma sings in a range of different styles - you can toggle between different videos below. 

Backing vocals

Live backing vocals are a regular part of Emma's Diary. She has performed with all kinds of acts from folk, to soul to gospel to wedding bands. You can hear some samples below. 


Choral/Classical Performances

Although Emma has been involved with many different choral groups and projects in Ireland, most recently she has been performing frequently with Discovery Gospel Choir (as a singer and an MD), Tonnta Music, and the Irish Youth Choir/Irish Youth Chamber Choir. 



Emma has been writing and arranging for the voice for many years, long before she even attended college. She has written and assisted on arrangements for choirs, strings, and closer vocal harmony groups, and music for theatrical productions. Listen to some of her vocal arrangements and compositions below.

"Horrabin's Hall" was written for Las Vegas based theatre company Current Theatrics, stage adaptation of The Anubis Gates, performed at Loncon in 2014.

"Whiskey, You're the Divil" was written for another Current Theatrics production of Larry and the Divil


This track comes from Emma's first studio EP, for which she wrote the string arrangements. 


Emma has also performed regularly and assisted with vocal arrangements for much of Stu Daly's work, which you can hear on his most recent EP below. 



Emma has coached singers and actors in a wide variety of different settings over the years. Occasionally she teaches privately (in voice and piano) or host a day-long vocal and performance workshop, or choral workshops. She has been involved in following productions and has worked with the following groups: 

  • Bad Mouth Theatre's - Fleabag
  • There is Bear! Theatre - The Last Burning 
  • Current Theatrics - The Anubis Gates stage adaptation (at World Con)
  • Music Generation Offaly - Westmeath (a nationwide music program - this branch focus on choral performance)
  • No Name Club (Youth organisation in the west of Ireland)
  • Songschool (Irish organisation delivering songwriting and recording workshops in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and youth organisations around Ireland)

And just incase it's useful...

Emma speaks fluent Irish and intermediate French. 


Feel free to browse this photo gallery which has some shots of Emma at work. Just click to move on to the next image. 


E: emma@emmaoreilly.ie

T: +353 (0)877909966

T: +44 (0)7858610540