Emma O'Reilly

Dramatic Pop Rock


Nice to meet you. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to me today and to grab a flyer. :)

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Emma, I’m an Irish artist from Galway living in Norwich. While I busk, teach, and sing in a pretty big mix of different kinds of groups and musical styles, my main passion is my own music. I make eclectic, almost theatrical pop rock (think Kate Bush, Bjork, sometimes a bit of Katie Melua or Joni Mitchell in there too) And I would love if you could give it a listen and join me for the journey in whatever way feels good to you.

If you’d be up for throwing $1 into my digital guitar case about once a month to help me keep making and writing new music (and to hear that music aaaaaaages before it’ll be released to the wider world, head on over and become a part of the little community proud to call themselves my Patrons. Just click anywhere on this paragraph to go check it out.

But in the meantime, I’d like to show you where you can hear my stuff, buy it (if you like), see my live dates and hire me for events/for music teaching. Read on!!!

Want to HEAR the music?

Choose your favourite place to stream.

If you prefer another streaming site, just look up me up there. Chances are my stuff is there too :D

And you know the drill when you’re there: Comment, subscribe, follow and share! It makes a huge difference to a 100% independent artist like me.

Want to BUY the music?

Well obviously I think this is awesome, thank you!

My music is available on most online platforms, but you’ve heard the stories about how the whole digital distribution system doesn’t work for the artists. So if you want to get you some music, I’d recommend visiting me here:

Patreon is the real winner though - when you’re a Patron you get access to brand new music once per month (that doesn’t get released anywhere else), and early release dates for any major releases, on top of a whole host of other rewards. Check it out for yourself.

Want to SEE me live?

There are a few ways to hear about my gigs - the Mailing list is the best place for this. When you join, I’ll send you two exclusive original songs and we can get to know each other from there. Outside of that, you can track me on Bandsintown or follow me on Spotify for updates too.

Following me on Social media is also a good way to hear about my gigs and other smaller events where I may be doing covers/ backing vocals for other folks. Make sure you’re connected with me in these places!

Want to HIRE me?

If you’re looking for a singer, I’m your gal.

I’m based in Norwich in the UK and I’m taking bookings for weddings, funerals, parties, recording sessions, arranging and coaching across a wide variety of subjects. Feel free to Contact me for a chat; Alternatively, you can contact me and see some reviews through:

Thanks again for listening today and I hope to see you soon at a gig, or any of the places I’ve linked you to here. <3