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New Music (mostly Other people’s)

The tendons are still not awesome, but they are healing. 

And while I’ve been waiting for them to heal, I have employed several tactics to stop myself from going INSANE. 

1) I’ve been planning a new EP!

2) I’ve been singing in lots of different things, because LOOK, NO HANDS OR FOREARM TENDONS NECESSARY.

3) I have been trying to merge my consciousness with several different Netflix shows. No tangible results as yet but I’ll keep you all posted. 

Want to see what I’ve been up to? More behind the cut. 

Cross by Loah

What, you haven’t listened to ArtSoul-Goddess Loah’s video for her song cross? Never fear. Here is the video (in which I stood in for another Emma, aka. Feather). Watch it immediately.

Her music makes my heart happy. 

Dulciana, ♀

Well, we’re a choir of ladies, and great lady composers exist, both currently and in the past. Facts. Here are some of the pieces we premiered in our concert in the Freemason’s Hall on November 9th.

Theatre Music

Firstly, I’ve been revisiting the music I wrote for the Anubis Gates in the studio. That has been LOTS. OF. FUN. I’m hoping to have it online over the next few weeks - there are some new tracks there as well as some original ones revisited and re-recorded. Excitingly, I reunited with Ruth over in Current Theatrics to do some music for their pre-halloween show in Vegas, Larry and the Divil by Jonathan East. Most of the reuniting was done over skype but you get the idea. Here’s some music for one of the scenes I wrote for.

I also did some settings of W.B. Yeats’ poems for Myth Understood Productions; they celebrated 150 years of Yeats’ work in a show called Fairies and Folklore, a night of storytelling and general loveliness. There may be another run soon…watch this space!

What I’m up to now

  • Gearing up to record a new EP in January. Which right now mostly means worrying about money (be cool), organising rehearsals (no seriously, it’s cool), and thinking about a proper PR campaign (Oh my god why can’t you just be cool!) but also means a lot of fun, working with people I adore, and a chance to make something new. 
  • Working on a new collaboration with the awesome Donal Sweeney (The guy I wrote MAD with). This one so far involves such glorious thematic guidelines as making tea and a monkey. 
  • My friends in La Gracia are releasing their new single (on which I did some backing vocals!), Don’t You Ever Leave, in aid of a much loved family member of the guitarist who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer. More on her story here, Come support her and hear some wicked music in Bello Bar on the 28th - you can get your tickets here in advance. I’ll be doing keys and some backing vocals, so make sure you don’t miss it :D 

Don’t You Ever Leave is now available on Bandcamp! Go go go!

Ah lads did you read all the way to the end? I barely made it here myself


I love you.



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