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Irish Youth Chamber Choir in Toronto!

What’s that you say? 

Too much extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Got a strong desire to fund the arts in Ireland?

I hear ya. And I have just the thing for you on this lovely Friday afternoon. The Irish Youth Chamber Choir have been invited to sing in Trinity St. Paul’s in Toronto for Bloomsday, but we’re struggling to cover our expenses and we’ve set up a Fund it Campaign. 

Ireland right now boasts a really excellent, youthful choral scene and there is a lot of talent here that really deserves wider recognition. This group would really like to get over to Toronto and represent, but most of us are musicians and students and we have no where near the funds to cover our costs for accommodation or food. Can you help us out? We have three days left to reach our target amount of €6800, and every donation counts. 

You can watch our fundit video below and if you’re feeling generous, donate here