Emma O'Reilly

Dramatic Pop Rock

I made a new thing <3

I’ve been doing some experimenting and I want to share something with you - my first piece of non-CD merchandise!

I’ve always loved making things (painting and drawing, etc) and many of my friends have at some stage gotten a card or a drawing or a cover song as a birthday present. Combined with that, I know that when I go to gigs and I’m moved or inspired by the artist, I often want to buy their CD or if not a CD, a…SOMETHING!…so that I can support their work. 

Lots of people out there really don’t want more CDs but are still well up for supporting artists they love, so I thought it was time I made something new. 

Here’s what I came up with!

I’m really happy with these. They’re 100% organic, unbleached cotton, and they’re fairtrade, and each one is hand printed (well..spray painted) by me, with a stencil I made based on the artwork for my forthcoming EP. Fun times! They’re up online on my bandcamp page and every single one will really help me to keep making music, and to keep doing my best to get it out there.  

Give ‘em a quick look, maybe pin them on your Pinterest for later. :D

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a non-money related way to check in with me this week, I put Count up on youtube a while back and I’d love if you could give it a spin there and subscribe to my channel. Planning to release a new video for the next song off the EP there over the summer so this way you won’t miss it :D

Thanks so much everyone for your support. There’ll be a post up here about my travels in Canada and the US very soon!