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FRACTURES release / UK adventures!

Hello wonderful people! 

I have so much to share with you here - let's get down to it!


So the EP has been out in the big beautiful world for almost two months now, and it's been getting some lovely reviews! Check it out: 

 “Fractures” is an incredible EP" - Dave McMahon, Street Ceol

Emma has clearly created a little niche for herself to create music that is beautiful and bursting with colourful fragments of wonderful art. - Danu, Indie Buddie

If you are looking for one of the most original-sounding Irish EP releases from the past few months then look no further than Emma O'Reilly's truly delightful Fractures...I can't quite put my finger on this EP, it's too hard to pigeon-hole or describe in a small few words, apart from mind-blown. - Remy Connolly, Remy's Film and Music Blog

A captivating E.P...a refreshing change to the mundane pop that is pumped into the music charts these days. There is so much emotion [in] Emma’s songs; In ‘Cervantes’, Emma’s voice is...haunting, and genuinely gave me the chills whilst listening to it. I had to pause for a moment because I was just in awe of how pure her voice was. - Victoria Susannah, Crazy Stupid Music 

I hope you guys are all loving it too - if you haven't had a listen yet you can get it on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and you can buy it directly from me here if you like.  

There's also been some great coverage on Totally irish (98FM), Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show (KCLR 96 FM) among many others - so don't be afraid to ask your radio station for it if you want to hear it. :D On top of the interviews above, I did a little video up on Facebook on the day of its release just talking about the process of putting it together, and sharing some stories about the songs!

UK Adventures

In June headed over to the UK for two gigs - one in Eaton Park Café in Norwich and one in Puzzles? in Peterborough. I had an amazing time!

Before I headed off over there, I'd been doing some postering for my gig in Dublin on the 20th in the Grand Social, and I stopped into my old haunt, Musicmaker. I went in to poster...I came out with a guitar. I called it Junior. 

So me, Junior, my giant bag of Merch and my ukulele (Arabella, yes we all have names okay) rail-sailed it over to the UK. When I got to Norwich I spent some time in the cafe checking out the piano (Lily...again yes we all have names) and then messing around with a bag of scrabble tiles for a bit of stop motion social media joy! 

I had a great time in Eaton Park Café - a gorgeous little venue and a wonderful audience. After the gig, the engineer came up to me and said "I found this, and I just get the feeling that you're collecting things," and handed me a tiny toy dinosaur. I hadn't CONSCIOUSLY been collecting things, but for some reason "Yes, I am!" Seemed to be the appropriate response. I took him with me and sat down to chat with some of the people who came to the gig. The name "Zanzibar" was immediately suggested. So the tiny dinosaur became KING ZANZIBAR. A) because we all have names and B) because he's a t-rex and thus a king. I love Norwich! I had a fun night out with some friends exploring the place and also did an impromptu set in Platform 12! He featured in many of my posts thereafter. I cannot wait to get back to Norwich on the 2nd of August - if your'e around, I'll have a gig on in the Bicycle Shop!

I also did a really fun gig in Peterborough - Puzzles?! A really great spot. Met a bunch of watergun wielding friends and played some music and wheeled a digital piano down the street. I also caught a really cool gig in the Peterborough Cathedral summer concert series by Peter Foggitt, who IMPROVISED  his whole set based on audience suggestions of themes and random notes. My favourite was the improvised study for left hand on the simpsons theme. <3

In the days that followed I went on a few excursions to Cambridge and Leicester, and I brought Junior with me. I attempted to go to an open mic in Leicester but when we got there, the venue had seemingly been closed for a few months. But you know that they say folks...THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Even when the venue is closed, yes, even then. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. 

In the gallery below are loads of pictures and a few videos from my UK adventure!

So what's next? 

Well I have a FULL BAND show to celebrate the release of the EP in The Grand Social on July 20th. I've also got gigs in Lahinch (Co. Clare, Ireland), Glasgow, Norwich and more so make sure you check out my tour dates to see if I'll be near you. 

Also - we've just hit 2000 likes on Facebook! Thank you so much to everyone over there for sticking around. Here's to the next 2000!