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2016: Pictures, Videos and more!

Hey Everyone!

And a really really special welcome to my new website. Hope you're liking the makeover. <3

2016 is now firmly behind us. I don't really have words for it - it was a ridiculously mixed bag of a year for me. Musically, I recorded a new EP and started bringing my music to international audiences, which brought so many brilliant new people into my life, helped me reconnect with old friends, and kept me on my toes, to say the least! Personally, grief and illnesses among friends and family seemed to be cropping all over the place. Not to mention all of the horrible events unfolding on the world stage. 

But hey! Every day is a fresh chance to take little right actions, and this post is about just how much 2016 gave to me that I am so, so grateful for.  I did a lot and I had a lot of fun - here are some of my highlights :D

As many of you know, one of the most beautiful things about 2016 was feeling the support of fans and friends towards helping me make my music. A bunch of you got together to help me cover the costs of recording my E.P, and it couldn't have happened without you. 

I released two tracks from the EP last year - Shake and Count!

If you head over to my gallery, you'll see a bunch of pictures that are massive highlights from my year too - moments and performances that I didn't necessarily catch on video. :D

Another really exciting thing that I got done in 2016 was a NEW collaboration with Donal Sweeney. It's called Additive 161216, and it's only available when you join my spam-free mailing list. Sign up and let me share it with you! It's weird and wonderful and you're going to love it (if you're on the mailing list already, you can get the track by helping me out with a really short survey ).  

I'm so happy to be on this new site too - isn't she lovely? I'll be launching other features from here soon so do say in touch with me on the social media links below. And of course! Stay with me here so you can find out the latest with my EP launch!