Emma O'Reilly

Dramatic Pop Rock

New York, New York

As you guys know, I was in New York City recently to play at Mondo NYC, a music showcase in its second year. They say that pictures do more than words, so here are some images and videos from my time there!

First order of business in NYC? Rehearsal, of course, with Kevin and Gráinne of La Gracia, and Stephen and Tommy from Barq. The best band a gal could ask for. Friend an fellow musician Craig Kierce (who is on tour in Europe, get on it) kindly gave me a keyboard to use and a recommendation for a rehearsal room. 

The next day we had not one, but two gigs - the first of which was as part of the Marauder Radio Room in Rockwood Music Hall.  I was interviewed by Jess, who came all the way from Joliet Il to interview me for WCSF radio. That interview is exclusive to their station, and it'll be dropping soon. :D

Hanging out in Rockwood Music hall ahead of the interview. (That sink really works, by the way. Wonders never cease!)

Hanging out in Rockwood Music hall ahead of the interview. (That sink really works, by the way. Wonders never cease!)

Not too leave you all hanging too much, I had a little "post-game" chat with Billy from Marauder after our set. 


Oh did I mention that I left the keyboard adaptor in the rehearsal room in Brooklyn and had to change the set up last minute? Yeah. That is a thing that happened. 

That evening (...after taking an uber back to Brooklyn to get the power adaptor, of course), I had a show in Drom on avenue A. 

I was on a killer line up - Stereo RV, Alpines, StealthManu Lanvin, and Irish legends Le Galaxie, and I enjoyed the performance so much!

Naturally after the set, it was time to party. Just a little. 



I am proud to say that playing Big Buck has taught me I have 0% accuracy when I try to shoot something. That's probably for the best. That particular night out also showed me that if you can find a virtually empty subway station at around 4am, the acoustics are gorgeous and you need to bust out your guitar and play some Taylor Swift. 

I spent the next few days hitting up conference, making friends and catching other live acts with Myra and Gabe from Stereo RV. 


Obviously, I miss New York deeply and I can't wait to go back. But my adventure wasn't over - I headed up to Canada after the main event to hang out with my mentor and friend Sacred Oak Goddess. I even got a little performance in with my friends from Further the Lion in Hamilton, ON. 

When I got home after this amazing adventure, I went straight into the studio again to record something new...but that's a topic for another post. 

I'm so grateful to Music From Ireland, Culture Ireland, Marauder, Drom, Mondo NYC, Craig, Lisa, Gráinne, Kevin, Stephen and Tommy for making New York happen for me. Major bucket list item achieved. <3

As for YOU, if you want to emulate what hanging out in New York was like for me, I made a playlist for myself on Spotify and you are invited to join me in some imaginary meandering around Manhattan. (Don't forget to hit "follow" and save on my profile while you're there).

Thanks for reading guys.